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{MM} Let's go Old School!~
@poojas You knew this was coming, everybody pretty much loves both and have already thought of which one is better but I think both are amazing in their own ways!
Since I was a child I always loved both and still do and I've always wondered who would win between Ash and Taichi.
Ash with the unlimited pokemons he has caught during all his adventures against the trust based between Taichi and Agumon. It seems unfair but Agumon gets ever stronger with what Taichi feels (at least that's how I look at it) so I believe it would be amazing if these two has a "battle".
These are like the The Simpsons vs Family guy, and even those two had a cross-over. I dare anybody to tell me this wouldn't be EPIC! With so many similarities these would be one of the most interesting cross-over ever (or is it just me and my inner child speaking?).
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@VinMcCarthy lol I understand and I mean you are right but pikachu was kind of a big part of my childhood so I cant deny pika love T.T if not ill probably go for cyndaquil specially when he gets lvl 36 *ahem*
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@VinMcCarthy there's never enough pikachu! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ pika for everyone! o((*^▽^*))o
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@rosepark pikachu definitely played a big role in my childhood too, but so did agumon and gabumon and all of the digidestined! i'm still waiting to happen upon my digivice and begin my digital adventure.
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lol yeah @FrankilliMambo I mean I like what @RosePark said about trust on the card. Tai definitely built up a lot of trust between himself and Agumon. But then again so did Ash and Pikachu. I mean we've seen how much they care about each other and it's even in the theme song! "You're my best friend, in a world we must defend!" And I guess in terms of popularity Pokemon would probably win too. I'd love to see some more Digimon stuff since that's what I watched when I was little (I was a weird kid lol)
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I don't remember Digimon but I loved Pokemon when I was younger and had a little crush on Ash!
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