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The Made In America festival was considered a huge success this year. One of the best performances of the event was Beyonce.
Fans loved every moment of it and sung along throughout the set. Apparently her husband Jay-Z was moved as well by her set, and turning up during her performance in front of the masses.

During Bey’s performance of “1+1″ the emotions got the better of the rap mogul and he starts to sing along with his life partner.

If you check the footage above of Jay-Z during the song, even some of the fans around him are surprised of the passion he lets loose during the set, but can you blame the guy? "1+1" is a gem!
Jay-Z & Beyonce continue to set themselves apart from the pack as "THE" couple in hip-hop culture. Their success and support of each other inspire young musicians dangerously in love across music.
You gotta love Jay & Bey!
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He's in the crowd?! Hahaha