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Beyonce, who?

Introducing Slay-ange. Oops, I meant Solange. I'm not one to compare, nor am I a Beyonce stan -- but there is definitely an obvious correlation between these two ladies. Solange has been on the scene since the early 2000's and may I be the first to say, she has definitely come a long way. Her taste in fashion is simply impeccable and you can tell first hand that she doesn't care what people think. Her clothing speaks for itself and I think that's why people love her so much. She doesn't dress for others, she dresses for herself and that's something we should all try to do on a daily basis.
Solange is able to make pieces that others wouldn't know how to wear look like a masterpiece. It even seems that she may have been giving Bey a few tips lately -- and trust me, the fans are not fan. As much as the world loves Beyonce, Solange deserves her own recognition. She's a natural beauty who makes pops of color and vibrant print come alive. She slays each and ever time she hits a red carpet. It's no secret, but just in case you aren't familiar -- get familiar with these seven times Solange caused us to fall in love.
Have you ever seen a wedding dress more magnificent? I don't know what's more beautiful: the dress or Solange.
When it comes to an amazing pant suit, count on Solange to knock em' dead.
Prints on prints on prints and pops of massive colors. Leave it to Solange.
Those legs! If this all white fit with the sleek black minimal heels didn't give you life, get with the times.
She never seems to fail when on the red carpet. This piece is simply beautiful and compliments her complexion well.
A couple images just weren't enough to show how much we
Solange has such an artist's eye. I love what she does with her fashion and beauty risks. Needless to say, I LOVE THIS CARD.
beyonce is the best!
whoa.....@jordanhamilton dont tell me you just compared her to queen b!
wow solange is great!
lol I beg to differ. I've never been a Bey fan, but that's a convo for an entirely separate card haha @mchlyang
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