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Kanye West just got his first big vote of support from a celebrity on his presidential run.

During an interview with Daily Mail, The Straight Outta Compton director said he’ll support ‘Ye with his vote in 2020 if he's on the ballot.

“I’m voting for Kanye,” said Cube during the interview. “Who is better than Kanye that would run?”

Cube later mentioned that he is all for Kim K as the First Lady of the United States. “If that’s what it is, that’s what it is," said Cube. When asked if he would like to be on the ticket as VP, cube shot down the offer, stating “You know, I’m into helping my people get over the hump. I don’t have time to help everybody. We got a lot of work to do.”
Before the interview was over, Cube made it known that regardless of who is President, we all have a responsibility in our own lives. "No matter who is the president, you got to all get up and go to work in the morning,” said Cube.
With that being said, it's pretty awesome that Kanye has the support of a living legend in Ice Cube during his run. It seems as if Cube is taking Ye' seriously as a candidate, will you?
From the looks of it, everyone can run.
is he really running for president? is everyone taking this as a joke. there's another kid who's running as president by the name of deez nut like seriously. this all better be a joke