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N is may be the male lead in new cheerleading KDrama "Cheer Up!" Link down below:
Good luck to our lovely N (Cha Hakyeon) Did I spell his name right?? if he is in it. Well anyways, He did an awesome job in Hotel King, even though they were small parts, but......
He might be male lead, YEAH...... I already mentioned it, still! so happy for him!!!! :D
I seriously GOING TO DIE.
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@StarBabes I expected Leo to hit him, not hug him. :-D Not that I'm complaining though. ^^
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Omg he would be the best cheerleader ever! If he is in this I really hope that he does some cheerleading.
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@kpopandkimchi don't die yet, the drama hasn't even come out xD lol
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@XergaB20 lol right! and no problem :)
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