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Not sure what to wear when the temperatures start dropping, but it isn't fully fall yet? This ensemble will get you through in comfort and style. Basing your look around the basic combo of ripped jeans with a relaxed or boyfriend fit (which everyone should own a great pair of in their wardrobe!) and a tucked-in top, work your way through the toughest time to dress yourself.
Look 1: Late summer into early fall
Pair your denim with cool sandals to start getting yourself ready for fall. You still get the breeziness of open shoes, but you're working denim back into the equation. A swingy white top tucked in at the waist hints at your breeziest summer whites but looks crisp tucked in with a belt, appropriate for the oncoming fall.
Look 2: Summer's over, technically.
How to dress a bit warmer without feeling like your entire wardrobe just went through a dramatic shift? Keep your lightweight tee, tucked into the ripped jeans, but roll the pants at the hem and add ankle boots. Booties are the most transitional shoe, hinting at taller boots to come. Layer on some accessories to jazz up the look, and, if you want, add a lightweight sweater for some warmth.
Look 3: Fall is decending.
Time to start layering! For this look, layer a soft blazer over a slouchy tee to dress up distressed jeans, and sling your favorite scarf around your neck. Wear oxfords, loafers, or, if you're feeling bold, heeled loafers to complete your casual secretary look.
Look 4: Leaves are dropping, fall is in full swing.
Now it's time to bundle up. Layer your go-to leather jacket over a simple stripey tee messily tucked into the front of your ripped jeans. Roll the jeans at the hem and pair with booties, and, if it's getting really chilly, top off the weekend chic look with a warm scarf and beanie.