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They say it's best to leave the past in the past.

But what if you had the opportunity to ask someone who was pretty special at one point in time one last question? Someone like your ex for instance. If you've been single for months, maybe even years, but the same question has been weighing heavy on your heart since you parted ways -- would you go ahead and ask? Would you even have any words for your ex? I mean silence is deadly, but sometimes silence is needed.
A social experiment project called "The And" Project brings [once] couples together to ask each other questions about their past relationship with one another. Out of the 30 couples chosen for this experiment, former couple Ali and Andrew had the opportunity to sit down after two years of what was once a seven year relationship to ask questions in hopes of gaining what most would call closure.
During the two part video [see above and below] the two ask each other a number of questions touching on cheating, taking one another back and favorite memories. I can only imagine how it felt to be asking someone you once loved dearly questions filled with so much emotion and truth. Whether their answers are honest, we will never know -- but let's only hope so.
If you're ready to go on an emotional roller coaster, hold on tight because the emotions will hit you fast.

Whatever you do, don't pick up the phone and call your ex afterwards.

But, if given the opportunity to ask you ex one question -- what would it be?
@VienKnight oh!sorry to hear that... sometimes it's best to just leave it all behind and just move right along. It's hard but that's how it is. What you should do is make yourself happy... tell yourself you don't need anything from her either. I have a friend who went to the end of the earth to get some closure (twice) after suddenly being ignored. She didn't get anywhere because they just didn't want to deal with her; she ended more hurt than before (both times). This after I told her to leave them alone. I've been there and I regret ever trying to get closure.I've learned to just leave it alone... and resorted to asking my questions from the moment the problems start
you can tell he still cares about her though @mchlyang
Sometimes moving on is hard, but you never know what surprises and great new things are in store for you. Trust me, I've been down that road...but you're worth so much and if a person doesn't want to give you the time of day -- wish them well and carry on. Your feelings are what matter most at the end of the day @VienKnight
@TerrecaRiley its been 2 years since we talked , but i just cant forget , like she did forget me easily
ive begged her about this , she just hung up on me , ive asked about just one last time seeing each other , i just have one question , just one
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