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For the longest time I have asked myself this question: Should I take my vitamins in the morning, or at night? Well, after a little bit of research I found the answer. Most people, like me, prefer to take them in the morning, maybe after breakfast. But believe it or not, it's actually better to take them at night. Why night? Well, if you sleep at night like most people, it's recommended to take them before you go to bed. This is because when you're sleeping, your body utilizes the nutrients you take in from those vitamins. It doesn't work the same way in the morning. I realized that the reason I was always so sluggish throughout my day was because I would take them in the morning. I feel more energized when I take them at night
Although they are powerful, vitamins only do half the work of providing you with the nutrients you need. Make sure to eat plenty of healthy foods. Balance out what you eat everyday. Cravings do serve a purpose, and for good reason. If you're craving a specific food, your body may be looking for a certain nutrient. Personally, I'm not really a huge fan of junk food. I've always been pretty conscious of what I eat. Remember, you are what you eat!
@Offical0RiaChan right! thank you so much! that was very helpful!
Haha, no problem! @mchlyang
@mchlyang since your body utilizes the ingredients during the night, it's best to take them before bed. You can read more about that here: This is where I found the information I put here. Hopefully it answers your questions.
@Offical0RiaChan wouldn't it be better if you had them in the morning?
Hi @mchlyang ! I can understand the confusion here. Let me explain: without my vitamins I lose some of the nutrients I need. I'm very busy during the weekdays so I don't have time to eat during the day. I guess you can say I can't function without them. It's just the effect it has on me. Sorry about the confusion. I hope I explained it enough.
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