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Okay i know, i know what you're thinking why would someone as beautiful as them be singing about how they're "UGLY" Well in this song i believe they're talking about how they don't fit in the general standards that society would classify as being "beautiful" Which is true but only because not everyone is going to find certain things/ people attractive in the same way as others. Personally i think they're beautiful :P But another person may not think the same (i hope you guys get what i'm saying because i'm not that great at explaining things) In short what i'm trying to say is "Not everyone will find the same person to be ATTRACTIVE" beauty is in the eye of the beholder (JUST BECAUSE A PERSON DOESN'T FIND YOU ATTRACTIVE DOESN'T MEAN YOU'RE UGLY all it means is that you don't fit the specific type they're looking for)
But its not just our girls who think this way check out cover by Daesung from Big Bang and Seungyoon from WINNER
I personally like both versions, and i really like live performances so make sure you also check out 2NE1's live performance too :P
I love 2NE1 and this songs meaning just gives me so much more respect for them <3 Tell me what you think of this song down below :) And if youre a fan tell me who your favorite member is Mine are: CL and Park Bom
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