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Today, the Mets released their 2016 full season schedule to the public.

Here's the thing: I don't care.

In years past, the Mets were a total afterthought in September. Usually, it didn't even take until September for me to stop paying close attention. When the following season's schedule came out, it was the most exciting thing that happened to the team in weeks.

This year is different, as you all know.

This year, it's September, and we all have plenty to worry about. Plenty to cheer for. Plenty to be hopeful about THIS year.

We don't have to be looking forward.

We have no idea what the Mets' team is going to look like next year.
Will Juan Lagares be healthy? Will the Mets resign ANY of Daniel Murphy, Bartolo Colon or, most importantly, Yoenis Cespdes? Those are three huge parts of this year's team, and all are free agents.
We'll see the return of Zach Wheeler (though not right away). It'll be the first full year of Syndergaard and Matz, not to mention deGrom and Harvey.
There are a lot of question marks about next season.

One thing that is not uncertain is that the Mets need to be worrying about this year.

There is one particularly interesting bit on the schedule, though:
The Mets open the season with a two-game set in Kansas City.
Why is that interesting, you might ask?

Because that season opener could well be a rematch of this year's World Series.

The Royals are the consensus best team in the American League, and while the Mets don't have the record that the Cardinals, Pirates or Cubs have, there is some buzz about the Mets being a real contender to come out of the National League. We've been over this before - it comes down to the pitching and the resurgent hitting, which has been the real calling card for this team over the past month.
A man's got to dream - but my dreams are focused on this year, not next.

It sure is nice to be able to think about the Mets as they exist now, and not yet worry about what things are going to look like come next April.

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So your WS predictions are the Mets vs. KC Royals?