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It was all good just a week ago.. Seth Rogen's relationship with Shia Labeouf, that is.

Unbeknownst to Rogen their friendship is on the outs. To make matters worse, Seth found out via social media. The famed comedian didn't seem to please upon finding out this new information, and took to twitter to share his thoughts on the matter.
Apparently, Seth hopped on twitter to hit Shia up via DM. The actor found out that not only was Shia no longer following him, but has him blocked on the account.
Seth screen shot the blocked message and replied on Twitter stating "What the actual FUCK??" The tweet sent shockwaves throughout twitter and has over 30k Retweets.
Maybe Seth thought he would get a pass for his clever tweets about Shia in the past but Labeouf wasn't having it. The image above captures a tweet of Rogen bashing Labouf less than a year ago.
Maybe that explains why Shia wants no parts of Seth. An apology may be due (doubt that will happen though) if he wants to mend things with Shia and create some new work. I like both of these guys, lets hope they work this one out.
Whatever, I'm Team Seth Rogen on this one! Shia is kind of crazy lol.
Hahaha both cray cray...gotta keep an eye on this fued...I luv them both...Shia a lil more...but got nothing but luv for ya both...
@danidee yeah Shia as been a bit much as of late, I think it's best we place our best with Rogen coming out on top of this one, lol