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Diabolik Lovers
This is the very first vampire anime I have watched. To those who are looking for a new anime to watch, I recommend you to watch it. 馃榾
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this anime is a girl's vampire dream. shit I got shivers every time they bit her.
I really love this anime and it saddens me that some people say it sucks, and I understand that everyone has an opinion and there's nothing wrong with that. I mean yeah the anime didn't explain much of the game but if you go to forums,tumblr,etc. You're bound to find why the characters act the way they do. I've been in DiaHell for the longest time and not because they're attractive (that's a bonus) but because imagine how cute and sweet they would be if they showed character development in the anime. No, I haven't played the game but I've read a lot of their back stories and I cant help but feel sorry for them and cry. ;u;