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Thank you @poojas for this {MM} challenge. I choose a crossover between Naruto and Soul Eater because they are both amazing animes and to think of Death the Kid being Sasuke'and having major OCD would be funny. What's weird is that Black Star and Naruto have some personality similarities which is perfect for this crossover.
Naruto would be way more hotter if he wore this outfit which is another reason why I would love this crossover. I think this would be so awesome and it's my dream crossover.
Honorable Mention: I saw this and loved it so I had to put this in my card. It's a crossover of Soul Eater and OHSHC! I thought this was so cute ^_^
wow its actually sadly true xD
I would die if this were to happen. This would be one epic cross over
I would definitely watch the crossover between Soul Eater and OHSHC!
Death the Kid would suffer so much with all his OCD lol