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Keenan and Kel will always be remembered as some of the biggest stars in Nickelodean history.
Recently the AV club sat down with Kel Mitchell to discuss his past work with Keenan and he spoke highly of his childhood friend. “Yeah, I’m totally happy for Kenan,” he said, “He’s done SNL and all those things. Our moms stay in contact with each other, so it’s really cool.”
While it's great to hear they are still good friends, Kel dropped a bomb on fans by sharing they nearly worked together again recently for television via SNL. Can you imagine Kel & Keenan owning television again every Saturday night?
Magic was nearly captured in a bottle again between K&K, but on SNL. Apparently both of the guys interviewed for the show around the time Keenan got picked up for the show. Below is an except from Kel's interview with the AV Club:
AVC: I read that you tried out for SNL around the same time as Kenan, but you didn’t get it. Is that true?
KM: Yeah, I did try out for SNL. It’s a funny story. I didn’t get it, but that’s okay. It was a fun time. I think that I was just too hyper at that time. I was doing all kinds of characters. I had this bit where it was DMX if he was in Toy Story. It was so random; I thought it was funny. I did this whole sketch, and then I did a joke about Michael Jackson loving trees, because he had this interview where he was in a tree. I don’t know if you remember that. I did this whole song about Michael Jackson, which was very funny. It was wild, and it was hilarious, but I’m in good company with a lot of guys that didn’t get on there, like Jim Carrey and guys like that. It was just an honor to even audition.
Man, I wish Kel would've gotten the role on the show. His unique brand of comedy would have been a breath of fresh air on the show for sure. I mean, a DMX "Toy Story" skit? That's hilarious!