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Day 7 | Top 10 pics/gifs of Leo
So, today is my UB, Leo..... but Imma do this by his facial expressions and what era. XD ************* 1. The 'Sexy Steal Your Heart" look (On and On) 2. The "Dark Angel Stare" look (Hyde) 3. The "Stare That Make Fangirls Squealing" look (Voodoo Doll) 4. The "I Look Very Sexy While Playing The Piano" look (Eternity) 5. The "Dragging Ravi Away From The Girl" look (Beautiful Liar) 6. The "Dancing With Shirtless Ravi While The Collarbone Is Exposed" look (Beautiful Liar) 7. The "I Look So Sexy With My Hair Covering One Eye" look (Error) 8. The "I'm Posing For The Camera While Being Hot" look (On and On) 9. The "I Look Back On Ravi Leaving Me After He Choked Me" look (Beautiful Liar) 10. The "Looking At Ravi While Singing and Playing The Piano" look (Beautiful Liar)
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