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I never really noticed it before, but some people at my school look like idols. There's this one guy who looks like a much shorter version of Mino, which in turn means that he looks like gdyb too since mino is their love child. One of my friends looks like Hyorin, which might be why she likes sistar so much... I told some of my kpop friends about my observations and they agree with me. it's weird how I've never noticed this even though I've been going to school with these people for at least four years...
I feel you man! I used to have a crush on this guy and he looked like SHINee Minho and Seo Kang Joon :O then there's this girl who lost weight and basically is a girl version of BTS Jungkook.
@KpopGaby 😱 woah...that guy must be freaking beautiful! it's pretty crazy how much people look like idols if you look closely
@JustinaNguyen It's so true. Like I debated if this guy looked like Minho or Kang Joon but I just say he looks like both. It's insane but then you have like these fangirl moments lol
you guys have amazing people at your school.. I have a whole bunch of preppy white boys. ..it sucks. ..
@Rhia I don't know why, but your comment made me laugh SO HARD. And it's midnight right now. xD