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@shannonl5 made the challenge and I had a tougher time with this one than I thought I would. I even asked my son for his opinion and he didn't even take his eyes off his game..."Really,Dad? Isn't it obvious? Superman, duh" But that's the easy way out, I needed something that would allow me to hide in plain sight!
the power to change my appearance :) this one should be obvious lol
of course the wife would be happy lol
the power to fly is the other power I would want, to soar among the clouds and go places I've always wanted to go to.
Omg @buddyesd this is great! I totally love this power. And Mystique could probably just transform into Warren Worthington and fly away! @amobigbang @buddyesd @caitlind9898 @jcl4rks0n @AimeeH @JeanPaulGaleano @DanRodriguez @laceywinsor93 @marichelAlvarez @VixenViVi @LAVONYORK @herdey @CandaceJordan @DonovanMoore @DaniVO check out this awesome challenge response! ^_^
That is a awesome choice!
think of all the possibilities of being able to transform!
I've always wanted to shape shift/ or become something/someone else. That seems so cool.
@buddyesd and @shannonl5 haha I'd so love to see that!
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