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Lies About Interracial Dating
I have dated both inside and outside of my race. Since I am a product of an interracial relationship, interracial dating is a normal thing for me. I grew up seeing it. I've dated different guys ... from African American to Cuban to Korean and everything in between -- I am actually guy crazy and cute is cute in any race! (Am I right or am I right?)
And boyyy, do I have some things I actually want to get off my chest about interracial dating -- the truth and the lies.
Shall we?

The Other Race Won't Always Be "Better"

I often hear people say how men or women from ________ race will probably give them a better dating experience. Just because you have had a certain (bad) experience from one race, doesn't mean you'll have a better experience from someone from another race. Listen, men are men. Women are women. You're gonna have your assholes and your prince/ss charmings in every race, country, and cultural background.
And just remember that all relationships will have their good and bad times. Someone from another race is not going to offer you a perfect relationship. We must remember that we're all people -- we aren't perfect, and neither will our relationships be.
Please, trust me on this.

Opposites Won't Always Attract

There is this sort of this glorified idea that opposites (or two people from very different cultural backgrounds) might actually create a much stronger attraction or bond. This really just depends on the two people and how compromising they are with blending or sharing their culture. Sometimes, cultural differences can really cause a lot of friction in a relationship. This is also true for any language barriers.

Everyone's Not Open To Interracial Dating

Some people do come from very homogenous cultural backgrounds, where interracial (or intercultural) dating is sorta frowned upon. One of my ex-boyfriends was actually Latino like I am. However, some Latinos (especially the older generation) might prefer their children date those who are from the same country. Let's just say, his mother really didn't like the idea of him dating me. She wanted him to date a Cuban girl, not a Puerto Rican/American girl. Even in my world, my abuela strongly prefers that I date a Puerto Rican.
Have you ever dated interracially? What was your experience with it?
Personally for me, I have had good and bad experiences with men who come from both different and similar backgrounds that I come from. It really is a case-by-case thing. I can't really say I have had a better experience with one race over the other. I would say that I feel "more at home" with someone from a Latino background, or someone who's willing to learn about my cultural background.
I want to hear everyone's experience or opinion on this topic!
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Interracial Dating is as easy as breathing for me, unfortunately not so much here in Atlanta ,Ga or Georgia period. I believe people should date who ever makes them happy. My experiences with interracial dating has been rocky but that's life 馃槙People often say love has no color ( I know the true meaning -love doesn't discriminate. this is true ) or that love is blind 馃槓 Well I see it a little different LOL. Love is full of color and that's why it's beautiful and please don't let it be blind, how will it find me? 馃槉 Great article I loved it.
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Thank you, @Emescia. I've been to Atlanta a few times. It's not huge with interracial dating, but it's definitely better with it than the other cities in the south I've lived in! Interracial dating can definitely be rocky. I personally have had a mix of good and bad -- it just depends on the person I am with.
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I have dated inside and mostly outside, I am a equal opportunity employer. So race really does not apply to me and my family is cool with whatever choice I make or had made. The strange thing for me that most men of my race are not truely interested ::brushes shoulders :: there are plenty of sexy, intelligent, gaming, nerds in the world for me lol. Come at me bro! (If i was single lol)
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I'm open to interracial relationships. I think its beautiful and adorable. I'm multiracial so I see it as a normal thing. Plus I love learning new cultures and the babies come out soooooo cute. #LoveKnowsNoRace
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Yay for interracial relationships!!! ^_^ @AkashaMcknight
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