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Listen up ladies! I truly believe that every woman has a beauty queen inside... if some jerk breaks your heart, here's what to do... I'm not saying to permanently abandon your regular style but for the next week or 2 take a few extra minutes on your hair and makeup, wear your prettiest "girly" or "sexy" clothes and no matter how hard it is, act like you don't miss him one didn't phase you one bit. Us guys have huge egos... its going to drive him insane! Give it a try...who knows, maybe it will help you feel better faster too.
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This is the same advice I gave to my little sisters and my daughter... it helped them even if it didn't end up effecting the guy...they still felt good... I think it could just be the effect of blocking out everything and spending extra time on the person who matters... themselves <3
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I don't really have a choice. *shrug* My kid and I have to come first, no matter what.
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and that's why you rock @ButterflyBlu
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감사합니다 @RobertMarsh Just doesn't feel like it right now. >.< I really need to get my head on straight. lol I'm going to clip this card so I can keep reading it every time I think about it. lol
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check the Spica card I tagged you in down in the comments... the suggestion will be like a "mommy mini-vacation"
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