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A few days ago, Ailee was filming for her comeback MV when a prop fell and broke her bone in her foot. She's resting now but her October comeback has been moved to a later date. I hope Queen Ailee has a speedy recovery :"(
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yoo @kpopandkimchi @RainaC3 why didn't yall tell me about these typos lol( yall know I can't form sentences when I'm under pressure lol)
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@KpopJunkiesTV lol it happens, next time I will let you know
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@RainaC3 thank you! cause I was re-reading like wtf was I
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@KpopJunkiesTV haha I do that all the time. Everyone makes mistakes, and all we can do is just laugh at them and improve
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oh no!! I'm glad it wasn't anything serious, I wish her the best on getting better. 😊😊 can't wait for her comeback video!! I know it'll be AMAZING!! Love you Ailee, always and forever ❀
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