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Aha, I caught you. That's right. Staring at me from across the room. Just now, you were looking over, A funny gaze of love I assume. Wait a moment... that's not right. Me? Why me? Why won't you stop looking? I'm just me, broken and open. Vulnerable. I'm sorry. Me? You must be mistaken. I'm not the one you want to want. I'm the one you want to avoid. You're like... perfect. I'm just wasting space in a void. If you like me and I like you... Your current life would be destroyed. If we were seen anywhere together, Well people would just be annoyed. You're like, popular and interesting, While I'm rather dull and boring. It's not true that opposites attract. Even though with you I'd feel like I'm soaring... No. It can't happen. I'm broken. My brokenness would break you. I can't allow me to drag you down. A recipe for your demise is what would brew. Please stop looking at me, I don't want to hurt you. You're the best thing that could happen to me, But I'd be the worst for you.
Inspiration is everywhere! So ya. Here's another poem, because I've been feeling very poemy lately. Take poem! Take it! Anywho! This one is less dark than the last two! Yay! Have fun today pplz. Enjoy life. It's a great thing to have, I assure you. So you know... comment any suggestions to make my writing better. Umm... see ya! *** NOTE: I do not own this image!!! I just like it. A lot. ***
Very cute. just reread to fix some spelling errors like the mix ups of your and you're* :)
@LizArnone Thanks! I was actually thinking of trashing the whole poem, and just keep the ending. 😆
Ahhhhhhh this is great! I love the ending !
@Narissatayy Ya. You should see me without auto correct. 0.o