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Just Me
so here are some more fun facts about me...
Heavy metal puts me to sleep if I listen to more than three songs but I do enjoy it because it also gets rid of migraines for me. But here is one of my fav songs from heavy metal Lamb of God- Ghost walking instrumental music Audiomachine - Deep Heart also see my fav song right now from kpop from T.O.P and GD -Zutter some of my other favs Meghan Trainor -Like I'm going to Lose you Dresden Dolls- Coin Operated Boy Linkin Park - in the end Ed Sheeran-Photograph Maroon 5- She will be loved (because I'm the girl with the broken smile) I know shocking but i have an eclectic taste in music
I love reading...i probably read 545-700 books per year and my favorite author right now is Erica Chilson. I mean i read everything from autobiographies, to mysteries to smut. If it can get my attention in 3 chapters and keep it I will read it. so, above are some books I have read in the past month. This year I have only probably read 230 books been a little busy writing my own.
I am always hot I'm like a personal radiator. i literally only get cold when I don't feel well. My normal body temperature runs at 96.6°F so yeah everyone comes to cuddle against me which I don't like because more bodies equals more heat and I don't like being but I will cuddle if I like you until you fall asleep. I'm told I'm soft and comfy like a body pillow from my son and coworkers. bahaha that last meme I get asked on the daily.
I always ponder the question What Came first THE Chicken Or THE know what who cares they both go in my stomach and are yeah those are some more tidbits of what makes me The awesome, adorable, supreme GNERK!!!
so this is just so you adorable people get someone insight into my psyche...again this is not a challenge just wanted you to take notice...jeez there's my narcissistic side again...hold on a moment while I tell her to shut up.... @biancadanica98 @DanRodriguez @karinafarias @AimeeH @vanemunos @aliciasalinas @shannonl5 @chandnip804 @baileykayleen @wafflesdrowning @drummergirl691 @CandanceJohnson @sherrysahar @DanRodriguez @poojas @VinMcCarthy @VixenViVi @Rhia @JesJones @deilig @chandnip804 @buddyesd @RobertMarsh @danidee P.s did you like those chicken and eggs memes. Oh and again. No credit to me but to the Internet gods where I can find these gifs, pics, and vids.
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For me, my body temperature changes according to that of the actual environment, so my skin temperature is always changing XD
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I feel u on the got to much. I would have a full play list on my e reader, pc, and phone and still pick up books from the library. I still know alot of staff from all the library's in my town and the recognize me on sight lol its funny at the grocery store, their like you cook? I slowed down alot. I just use my e reader and phone now. I love the chicken n egg memes...funny. I can read fast like 4 books a day...but I get super that I'm taking a break before grad school I might do that again lol if I don't get distracted by a good k drama or something. It was nice meeting you. Luv the heavy metal. N I'm gonna stop now lol again nice meeting you.
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honestly the only books I've read recently are the ones that have been daunting me since the outset of my literary career. I'm trying to work my way through infinite jest right now. That's not a book that you can read in a day, or even a week. or even a month, really. especially if you're giving it the attention it deserves.
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Nice meeting you too @candyland1986. wow awesome sauxe. @vanemunos I wish my skin temperature changed
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