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Are they holding hands
This Ship has sailed so far!!
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well I did ship but that was up until Jr stole Mark away and Bambam swooped Jackson lol I'm such a sucker for cute ships
@LinnyOk but then have you seen Junior get jealous when Jackson doesnt pick him lol
PrettieeEmm, I know right, lol funny Junior's been all clingy and cutesy with Jackson recently can't blame him though his wild and sexy haha
@PrettieeEm but then again probably been about Jackson from the get go, Jr is a sly one hahaha
@LinnyOk lol yes or maybe now he's super into jackson cuz he's got a think for blinde jackson.. He is sneaky though cause I've noticed how he can be a lil evil like Yugyeom ans thats why they clash alot.. I love that side of him