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Is it just me?

Does anyone else get so overwhelmed by kpop/ kpop news that you get really depressed? Because this happens all the time to me.
especially when you start genuinely caring for these people as human being and you hear all this stuff happening to them and you cant help them in any way
@Marilovexoxo you are not alone with the family mamber thing... I get what you are saying I get so attached to them as human beings that it is had to see what they go though. And I just want to help them and hug them...(The problem is that is only half of the situation.)I am really attached to BTS (I have a story behind that) and I sometimes see them more as my friends or family then well my friends and family. @kpopandkimchi @sugajin94
and im not an emotional person never have been.seriously it may seem messed up but I didnt even cry when family members passed away(maybe because I was young idk) It just takes a lot for me to cry but when something happens to one the artists I care about it truly upsets me
yes i of course like some American celebs and have only a select few I genuinely care about demi lovato for example, but for some reason with kpop I feel like I grow attached to kpop artists more and genuinely care and feel protective of them and that never happened before, got7 Jackson for example I love that kid he is just the biggest sweet heart ever thats why when I saw what he said in his GQ interview i seriously cried and was so upset because I hate to see anything negative about any of the artists that I love because seriously they are human and have feelings and when people dont understand that its makes me more upset
Same here, It's like you get so emotionally involved it finally takes a toll after awhile
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