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Does anyone else get so overwhelmed by kpop/ kpop news that you get really depressed? Because this happens all the time to me.
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@Rhia its okay I know exactly where your coming from with my family and most friends I always feel like I can never truly be myself because I feel like they would still judge me , my own family sometimes call me weird because I dont like the things that other people do make-up for example I never wear the most maybe mascara and its messed up because when I dont wear it my mom will tell me oh you didnt put mascara on you should have and it kinda makes me feel bad and i totally am the same I thought I was the only one but of course bts are an attractive group but I seriously dont want to date them I just want a simple friendship/family relationship with them because they are like you said probably one of the most genuine groups out there and they pour there heart in soul into everything they do and thats why I connect with there music soo much yes I love other groups yes im close with other groups especially GD, but bts from the very begging were just so different and im extremely happy that they came into my life because they make me so happy and make me feel like I have someone to run to when I need them you know? and the writing with them thing ive always wanted to write with namjoon I used to write forever ago but since my own family made fun of me I stopped but as soon as bts came into my life they make me want to do it again and Im grateful for that
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@Marilovexoxo You should absolutely start writing again!! I will support you! you know what if you need someone to talk to just message me in here kakao, line ,or something. I get what you mean with BTS and the make up...Hey do you want to talk through kakao or something like that? if you don't we can continue here 馃槉
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@Rhia Thank You! and yeah we can I have line my username is Mdizzle lol
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@Marilovexoxo okay! I will friend you ~
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@Marilovexoxo I can't seem to find you on line..could you try finding me,my Id is blackcat12088
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