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Okay, I don't need these things, but I want them!!!
Ever look around and just see white, your four walled cubicle or desk...It's boring. Check out these fun desk additions that'll keep you happy and engaged all day, because life's about the little things right?

1. Adorable Sticky Notes

People still use post-its. It's common knowledge that not everything is better digital. Cute sticky notes always make my day brighter. Whether I'm writing down ideas for writing, or creating a list for myself I always have sticky notes around. I love these cat ones, and they even stand up! The whale ones are totally fun too. See? You're happier already!

2. Pig Desk Organizer

This is totally weird but I really like it. Pick your favorite animal, there probably is a desk organizer of it. Make your desk your personal playground, because if you have to sit there for many hours per day you may as well have fun.

3. PENS!

Pens make me happy. I don't know why. It may seem a little strange, but writing in a colored pen can change my mood instantly. Pick your favorites and get moving. I like greens and blues...because they calm me down.

4. Color Coordinated Everything

If you've got a favorite color you'd better show it. Studies show that your favorite color makes you happy so just indulge. Take it to heart and coordinate.

5. A Great Mug

Everyone needs coffee. You have to have a vessell worthy of drinking it out of. Get yourself a great mug with a fun theme and you'll never be sad'll try not to be sad.

6. Brutally Honest Memo Pads

These notes don't pull any punches. Don't lay down at work, make people understand that you mean business. Hand them a sticky that means something damn it!
Plus they come in totally cute colors, and make everything better.

7. A Kitschy Pen Holder

Come on...whales? Can't get cuter. You can even use these for the make-up you shamelessly keep on your desk. You gotta look good right? Nothing is better than having all your cute things in one place.
What are your favorites? Do you keep things on your desk?
Yes! @Luci546 do you use a planner??? It's my favorite thing to help with organization :)
I like the colored pens too lol, you're not alone ! pink or purple make me equally happy and make me forget the boring parts of work and planning ^.^
also: , those are all great places to shop for cute office supplies :)
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