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Marvel's first Native American hero Red Wolf is getting his own comic!

The character hasn't had his own solo series since the 70s, and while he's had an important role in the Secret Wars story line, his character has mostly been relegated to campy spin-off series. We knew when Marvel announced their All-New All-Different lineup that he would be part of the new continuity, but I honestly wasn't expecting him to have his own series.

Not only will he be headlining his own series, the art will be done by a Native artist.

Jeffrey Veregge (from Port Gamble’s S’Klallam Tribe in Washington) will be supporting writer Nathan Edmondson and artist Dalibor Talajić. Veregge had this to say about the project (via):
"There’s not a character like Red Wolf out there right now. As a native, I’m really excited to see that he can do things, he can figure out things and stand with Captain America, and hold his own in this universe. That’s what’s awesome about it: You have all these characters of different nationalities and ethnicities, but it’s not all about their culture. It’s about them being a hero."
This character hasn't gotten much attention lately, so it's amazing that Marvel is choosing to revisit him. There's no release date yet, but it's reasonable to assume that either December 2015 or early 2016 will see this series hitting the shelves.
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@BabyCakes00 yeah it feels like they're doing a lot of really cool things with their new continuity! He was in the 1872 universe and I believe that's his most recent major appearance aside from Secret Wars. He's a really interesting hero. He's got a lot of superhuman strength and speed, so he can keep up with a lot of the other heroes. He's also a former soldier so his background is more similar to the Falcon.
Never even heard of him til now but I'm glad I know him. Red is my favorite color and wolves are my favorite animal so I already have a good feeling about him. Plus, a native American hero. Awesome
@DonovanMoore oh wow it sounds like this is the perfect character for you then! Yeah he really hasn't had that many appearances in recent years. He sort of came in and out during Civil War (which... lol everyone did) so it's really surprising that Marvel is revisiting the character. I'm definitely glad they are though! And I do recommend the 1872 universe if only because it's interesting... though fair warning it's very campy XD
It's like he was made for me. It's ok I can do campy haha
@DonovanMoore lol yeah tell me if you check it out! I'd love to hear your thoughts ^_^