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Guess who's returning for Agent Carter Season 2?

That's right! Dottie Underwood.

The amazing and complicated villain from Season 1 has been confirmed for a return appearance in Season 2 of Agent Carter. Actress Bridget Regan confirmed that she would be reprising the role at a fan convention in Canada this week. The star of the show, Hayley Atwell, said this about our favorite antagonist:
"We haven't seen the last of her. Peggy has male baddies that she fights, but to have someone who is physically her equal -- she's a Black Widow, incredibly capable and very smart -- I think that shows some balance for Peggy, like a flip side of the same coin."
Dottie was trained from a young age to be a spy. She is actually a product of Leviathan- which is a precursor to the Red Room, where the amazing hero Black Widow originated. She's clearly got a dark backstory, one that it sounds like we'll see more of very soon!

I'm seriously so excited about this season.

Everything I've heard so far sounds like really good news. Who else is totally pumped?
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yasssssssss!!! What more can I possible want besides a time traveling episode and Peggy meets Natasha, Maria, and May!!
@shannonl5 you Know I am!!! :D I seriously can't wait. I'm overdue for my Hayley Atwell/ James D'Arcy fix. <3 I already watched S1 again... Ugh!!! I'm extremely happy to see Dottie's character back. I thought she was truly dynamic (and well acted.) The story was left so open, I feel like they HAD to bring her back.
@shannonI5 Yeah I get that. CT is really expensive to live in too.
@shannonI5 haha, true. i still live at home though. To expensive to live alone where I am.
@Krystalstar22 lol the good thing about living alone is having a monopoly on what gets watched XD
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