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Photographer: Toni Frissell [http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/awhhtml/awpnp6/frissell_coll.html] One of photography's iconic artists, who lived from 1907-1988. I greatly admire her work and hope that one day, I too, can capture such amazing images. She was an amazing photographer who is known by those who are serious photographers.
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Yeah, I would love to do some underwater photography. But, too expensive and I think I'll stick to above ground for now. (^_^)
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ehhh?? she must've been a very talented baby at 1 yrs old she took these pics? your date above says 1907 - 1908, hhahahahha!!!
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Whahahahahaha! I'm so glad you pointed that out. Thank you sis! I edited it.
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anytime i got your back!!!
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I did change it, so she's not a whee baby anymore, but I bet she was already talented by then. Darn, kids are so precocious these days. Thanks, sis! You're the best! d=(´▽`)=b
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