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The Proper Way To Eat Pumpkin Pie
The whipped cream to pie ratio can be adjusted with additional whipped cream if desired.
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@danidee @candyland1986 @InPlainSight @ButterflyBlu @AimeeH @VinMcCarthy my wife tried making home made whip cream and found out the hard way that if you mix it too long you end up with sweet butter :p
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@AimeeH @butterflyblu @InPlainSight I don't think I've EVER said y'all. Just dude. I say dude all the time lol.
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@ButterflyBlu @AimeeH ain't that the truth :)
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@ButterflyBlu you speak the truth darling! im completely 100% sounded normal...
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@ButterflyBlu oh my I completely relate.. It was like that in oklahoma. I had to repeat myself so many times. I was like what the what y'all sound country ah too yet you cant understand my dialect
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