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If you want to boost your brain's creativity, focus, and memory skills, make a habit of including these three simple activities in your day-to-day routine! They're scientifically supported, and oh-so-easy to incorporate into your busy life.

Meditate (even just a little bit).

Even just 20 minutes of meditating can make your brain more creative, particularly when you're trying to brainstorm new ideas.

Allow yourself to reminisce.

It turns out letting your mind wander when trying to solve a problem isn't such a bad thing after all – using the parts of your brain dealing with memory and reminiscence can make you better at the task at hand.


People who daydream have a better working memory, especially when trying to juggle multiple tasks at once.
If you can squeeze these three easy rituals into your daily life, you'll find your brain feeling sharper and more creative in no time!
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Im glad you mentioned daydreaming...nowadays when someone daydreams they immediately associate it with ADD!
Does is count if I daydream at school often? ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ