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Who would win in a fight: Ultron or Doom?

Serious question Marvel community!

These two jerks have been plaguing the Marvel universe for a while. They both want to destroy the world, they're both really mad at some super-geniuses, and they're both basically made of metal. So who would win in a fight? Let's look at their skills:


Turned on his creator
Made of adamantium
From New Jersey
Upgrades frequently
Not a "people person"

Victor von Doom

Steals other people's stuff
Covered in armor
Is royalty (in Latveria)
Has a few mommy issues
Somehow still single

Okay so it's a fight to the death.... who do you think would win?

@shannonl5 neither cuz I'd run em over with my lowrider batmobile xD seriously though I'd gotta go with Doom. mostly because I'm more familiar with him
Ultron...he's made of adamantium...practically indestructible...n he's always getting stronger with his upgrades.
@shannonl5 @caitlind9898 @AimeeH let's all pile into the lowrider batmobile and look for evil to stop :):):)
@TessStevens @VinMcCarthy ok so we have 2 for doom... 2 against.... and 3 for starting their own super team and kicking both their butts XD
I am a huge fan of Doom! Awesome super-villian.
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