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The nesting game is strong in this one.
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Cockatoos are awesome. I'd own one, if i could dedicate the proper amount of time.
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@JackMehoff What would you name it?
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The name would depend on it's characteristics, once in my charge. There's a little pet shop in a city near me, next to a cafe i like to visit. The pet store hosts a lonely cockatoo, privately owned, but who is brought to the pet store so it can hang out & be paid attention to by the customers. Poor bird is fitted with a custom-made "sweater" to deter it from plucking it's feathers. I usually spend a lot of time petting it/talking to it on days it's there, it's clear that it really enjoys the attention. Ill post a few pics and tag you.
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@JackMehoff Yeah! Show me. That sweater sounds all kinds of horrible. Although I guess it's kind of the bird equivalent of when dogs have to wear those cones lol.
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