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When heart to hearts, turn into life lessons about first dates.

First dates can easily be a hit or a miss. A few weeks ago, my cousin sat me down and we had a heart to heart. She was giving me the low down on the world of dating and what you should and shouldn't do [trust me, I was the furthest from hip]. She mentioned the fact that first dates should [always] be over drinks and not dinner.
You're probably sitting there rubbing your chin, asking yourself why in the world wouldn't a first date be over dinner? Trust me, I was doing the same exact thing when she was explaining it to me. But heres what she told me and it actually makes a lot of sense. Often times when going on a first date, you're just meeting the person for the first time. With that being said, although you may have spent countless hours texting and chatting over the phone -- you have absolutely no clue whether you'll be interested in this person or not after the date.
When going to dinner, you're obligated to sit and finish an entire meal -- which can take hours, depending now here you go. When it comes to grabbing a drink, you're able to sip while you feel this person out. If you're interested, you order another drink. If you're not, you chug it and call it a night. Makes sense now, doesn't it? Exactly. I never thought about it that way until my cousin broke it down for me.
For your next first date, choose a bar or a place you can grab a quick drink [be sure to limit yourself to two drinks max]. If you're not sure what drink is suitable for a first date, check out the list below and just hope the drink is stiff enough to score you a second date.

Gin & Tonic

Just think of it as sparkling water with a splash of flavor. This popular mix is not only light, but it's a less complicated drink [consisting of two products]. Ordering this drink will show your date that you're simple and refreshing, just like the drink.

The Manhattan

Although The Cosmo was Carrie's drink of choice, you can keep things lady like by ordering a Manhattan. It's a less practical drink and it's sexy. Sounds like a pretty great combination.

A Glass Of Wine

Talk about sophisticated with a splash of classy. Red wine is sweet, but white wine is perfect for the first date. Chardonnay, possibly followed by some Marvin Gaye?

Mint Mojito

You know ladies love to order into mojitos. It's like the woman's drink of choice, well most. It's the perfect combination of all the flavors you love and it gives you a nice little buzz that isn't too overbearing, but it sneaks up on you when you least expect it. Keep it real cute while sippin' one of these.

When in doubt, always go for the wine.

Sip in style and remember, two drinks is more than enough. You want to impress the guy, not run him away.