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You didn't think I remember, do you? All that pain you caused me. Sorrow. And now you expect all is fine and dandy, Don't you? You talk like nothing bad ever happened. I remember. I remember it all. Everything. Time doesn't heal, I can prove that, for I am still the broken mess you left me in. I've just learnt to cope. How to fake a smile. However I will not smile at you. No, I will give you that frown. That look. The stare that one dreads. The stare that you should fear for your life of. The stare that shows you a storm is brewing, And the flames of a million forests burning, Are hurtling forward at you at the speed of light. The stare that can kill you at a glance. I remember you would say "Its alright, We will be fine, don't worry at all," As if it was some sick lullaby, A song carried by the breeze through my dreams. My dreams have turned to nightmares, All because of your sweet and comforting lies. I loved those lies, but my perception, It was so skewed. Do you know why? You manipulative behavior made me love, And how you sprinkled sugar on the bad, The way you danced with me, Locking me in your enticing trance! It's you who haunts me! How dare you! And you do it over and over again, How can you not want to kill yourself? How are you okay, and free of that guilty feeling? You tricked me in love with you, Like I was a fun new game at one point, Then once you've worn me out, and got bored, You just got another game to play! Is this all I am? Here for your entertainment? Am I your puppet? Are you my master? No more! I've cut the strings on me! I am free of your ways, your reign of terror. So to sum it up, I remember the pain. I remember the brokenness. The foolishness. I remember what happened to me, But most of all, I remember you. I hate that last memory the most.
I don't know where all this is coming from... its just kinda flowing... like a waterfall. Just kinda... woosh! "Here Alex! Have ideas! Complimentary of the universe!"