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@Danidee tagged me in this Funny community writing challenge that asks us to imagine what our Late Night Talk show would be like, if we had one.
So here's what mine would look like!

My Stage: Comedy Club Aesthetic

(photo courtesy of The Giggle Pit NYC)
I'd want to have a pretty minimal studio audience, to keep things intimate. I'd want it to be dim lighting and a small actual stage, with a simple desk and couch setup. Kind of like the picture above, but with more space for me and my sidekick. And a cactus.
Speaking of sidekicks...

My Sidekick: Tj Miller (Bearded version)

Personally, I've thought this dude was hilarious since I saw him in She's Out of Your League a few years back. Since, he's maintained a growing level of star power in different movies and on HBO's Silicon Valley. I think we'd make a pretty funny team.

First Celebrity Interview: Emily Haines

There really isn't any reason for except that I'm a big fan of Metric, and leading ladies in music.

House Band: Hop Along

Again, huge fan of leading ladies in music. Plus, with the intimate setup of my studio, I think their sound would do really, really well. It'd get the crowd pumped up and ready for awesome stuff. I'd end every show with a performance from them- I wouldn't just have them play little bits in between segments.

Famous Segments: What's in the Box?

Every time we did this segment, we would play the audio clip of Brad Pitt screaming "WHAT'S IN THE BOOOOXXXXX!?" from the film Se7en. We wouldn't even know. The rule will be is that whatever's in it, everyone on stage has to consume whatever it is.
Nothing gross though. Just lots of illicit stuff.
So yeah, that's what my talk show would look like! This was actually a lot of fun to think about and put together. Thanks @danidee for the shoutout and tagging me in this.
@InPlainSight well, it can be third sidekick! or like, the alfred to our batman and robin.
that sounds better than what is on tv lol
TJ Miller is the only thing giving me life in Silicon Valley. He's the only reason to watch that show. Hysterical!
@butterflyblu If this ever happened, you'd get a free backstage pass, no worries.
Lol, you're dope. I'd pay to see this live, @VinMcCarthy.
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