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So I've been patiently waiting for their new song to come out since it was announced they would be having a comeback. Now I just need to get one thing off of my chest. SM I know what your doing. All of these comebacks are a distraction from everything that's going on. You can't really fool me. But that's another card for another time.
I pretty much had some high expectations. Ice Cream Cake was such a good song. It was super catchy and the music video was amazing. Now I know teasers are meant to tease. To get you excited for the song and it did just that. BUT I must admit I was disappointed with this song. It's a great song actually. I enjoy it. But the music video killed it for me. If you haven't seen the video make sure you watch it first. If you have then let's talk. There was seriously so much going on that I didnt know what to think. It was all over the place. Some of the fancy graphic type things made it even worse. I wasn't able to enjoy it the way I thought I would be able to. Like what's going on SM. I know you can do better than this. Let's cross our fingers and hope for for the best with the f(x) comeback.