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After the hacks, thanks to AVAST, a company that is taking the leaked Ashley Madison information and ranking the most common passwords on the site. So now we know just how dumb they are.
Basically, if you ever joined Ashley Madison, you are pretty much screwed.

Here are some of the Top Ten passwords uncovered from the list (in a ranking of dumbness):

5. dragon

Apparently the majority of the people on Ashley Madison are nerds.

4. secret

Not a secret now. More like a dirty little secret...heyooo.

3. qwerty

This image explains it all. Check your keyboards for confirmation.

2. password

I think since I was twelve, I’ve been told not to do this.

AND...the Number one password

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@candyland1986 The crazy part is recently the site got hacked, and all the cheaters' information is out on the internet now. All this drama is happening. I think I've heard of 2 - 3 guys even killing themselves now that it's out that they were having affairs. O.O
@danidee in the famous words of Earl Hickey "do bad, get bad" on a current marathon of 'my name is earl'
Hahaha I haven’t watched that show in a while @candyland1986
Gosh I would be more ashamed of using one of these passwords than I would be about using the actual site XD
I guess they have two things to be embarrassed about now @shannonl5