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Oh hello there! My name is DeAnna if this is your first time viewing my card- I am 17 years old {turning 18 in a few months yay!} I am currently a senior at my High School so Rad eh? well I decided to make an instagram & snapchat -I rarely have friends to snap so ;-; Anyways yeah- there will be a few "rules" and what to expect if you add me on either one or both...
First off- expect the unexpected. I will probably be singing random kpop songs or making very derpy faces on Snapchat- it can be Hella weird sometimes so please bare with me {if you wanna get crazy- then I welcome you into the club of- weirdos}
Secondly, Please don't add me if you are going to be a creepy pervert. I am still a minor, and I don't want to see creepy people talking to me... if we are friends then it's alright- because we are JOKING, and more than likely talking about fanfics we read or something... like them sexy kpop idols c; lol but seriously.
Thirdly, I am very shy- so I'm sorry if we are talking and I get a little awkward, I don't have many people who understand kpop or other Korean interests so I might get choked up because now I have friends who understand me.
I do not deal with bullies. If you so much as think of bashing one of the idols I post- then I will block you without another word. I don't care if I can't sing- I will sing as if I'm Beyonce on stage mkay... If someone says my Korean Is bad- I'm still learning... I understand constructive criticism and will accept such- but if I find you attacking, your ass is grass.
I go to this coffee shop all the time and I will probably be posting there a lot.. I study there sometimes when my apartment gets too noisy. I'll be posting books I've read, movies I watch, my reactions to mvs, stuff like that. I'll try to be doing a few things here too- yeah- I like animals, stuffed animals, and my not-so-cute wanna be aegyo pictures {can we just appreciate how adorable zico is-}
So yeah, pick up that phone or whatever you have and add me- take a selca and introduce yourself {tbh- GD just found his way in here} sc: deannalangdon ig: seoulbound_
good rules ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Dude I'll add you on both. I'm awkward too and we are around the same age. Also, your gifs are awesome