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Alright guys, I love my potatoes, but trust me when I say this: roasted green beans are bomb dot com! When you cook them right, they come out crunchy and savory. I literally make a large batch of these things and snack on them like they're potato chips.

What You'll Need:

Fresh green beans (don't you dare pick up those canned green beans!) Olive Oil
Pepper (optional)

How to Make It:

1) Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
2) Wash and pat dry green beans.
3) Spread green beans evenly on a flat pan. Add oil to green beans and distribute/mix evenly.
4) Add salt and pepper
5) Roast green beans for about 20 minutes.
They'll end up slightly shriveled with black spots. If you want your green beans more crunch and raw, leave it them in them in the oven for less time.
My mom makes these all the time! I hated them for a long time, like my least favorite food ever...but my taste changed a little. They're good! XD
haha i am glad ur taste changed! they are some good stuff.
Looks delicious!!!! Ahhh, I want some now. reminds me of edamame.