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Okay, so nobody's discovered the fountain of youth just yet, but we do have a ton of fun and easy ways to keep your brain and body in shape! If you're feeling mentally sluggish, fatigued, or worried about aging, never fear. Give a few of these a try, and in no time you'll be feeling re-energized and full of youthful vitality, no matter your age!

Take dance lessons.

Dancing 3 to 4 times a week lowers your risk of dementia by 75%. It's also a great aerobic activity, increasing bloodflow to the brain and thereby improving brain connections.

Learn to play an instrument.

Those who play an instrument for 10 years or more have better memory in their older years.

Learn a foreign language.

Being bilingual can delay the onset of dementia, as well as improve focus and multitasking ability.

Play chess, or similarly strategic games.

Those who play board games have a 15% lower chance of developing dementia.

Read a few informative articles every week.

Learning new things regularly keeps your brain young.

Stop multitasking.

Focusing on one task at a time improves your ability to learn, understand, and apply new information.

Journal about stressful feelings and experiences.

Your brain works better when it's stress-free. Writing about your stresses for 20 minutes a day can help improve working memory and mental performance.

Take up knitting, crocheting, or gardening.

Putting your hands to work regularly does double duty: it aids cognitive function and relieves stress.

Find your passion.

People who felt they had no purpose in life were twice as likely to develop Alzheimer's than those who did.

Be social.

Participating in regular social activities improves your memory, as well as speeds up your mental processing.

Play a video game, especially with a focus on puzzle-solving.

Video games where you have to use logic to solve a puzzle can help improve problem-solving, spatial awareness, and persistence.

Focus on using time efficiently.

Portioning out your mental energy effectively means you've got more brain power for the things that truly demand it.

Write things out instead of typing them.

The extra time it takes you to write longhand helps you retain information better.

Take short power naps.

Catnaps recharge your brain and improve memory.

Wash the dishes by hand.

Doing daily domestic chores has been linked to a lower risk of dementia.

Challenge yourself.

Never settle, physically or mentally. Continue to test your limits.
If you'd like more details on how or why these things work, or the research that supports them, check out the article that inspired this card!
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