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Colbert is getting the Late Show, and I think it's going to be awesome.
During his tenure as host of the Colbert Report on Comedy Central, the at times satirical comedian / political analyst gave us some pretty serious truth.
Here are a few times where Colbert made a lot more sense than anyone else on the news (besides John Stewart of course).

He gave us the truth when dealing with people who doubt the existence of global warming.

Also when he realized people do a whole lot of complaining about basic rights that not all people get to enjoy.

Again, when he pointed out that not all people in this "Christian nation" of ours actually practice what they preach.

He gave us the real deal on body image, and how corporations and industry thrives on our self doubt.

He also called out people like me, who tend to take things too seriously and live on the pessimistic side of things (good one Colbert...good one.)

He just makes too much sense when talking about America's rebel spirit.

And he tackles the problems the U.S. has with authority and education too.

However, the best truth bomb was when he called out the lead singer of Creed. Right?

Who is that guy again? Oh, his political opinion DOESN'T matter. Well..then carry on.
Can't wait to watch Colbert take late-night by storm, although I will always love Conan O'Brien. There I said it.
Same @jokes he's going to knock it out of the part.
I am overwhelmingly exited for Stephen
HOW DARE YOU NOT KNOW SCOTT STAPP'S NAME. Just kidding. I loved this by the way. I wish more people in our country shared and reflected his wisdom.
Yeah @nicolejb I think with more resources, and a bigger audience he will do awesome things!
I’m interesting to see how he’s going to do actually. it’s a totally different type of show! we’ll see!