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Step aside, Kim Kardashian.

In Calabasas, California, Kim Kardashian is probably crying over the news that Taylor Swift has taken her crown as most followed person on Instagram. On Tuesday, Sept. 8, 25-year-old Swift surpassed Kim Kardashian with 45.5 million followers. Though they were currently ranked at 45.5 million followers for most of the day, Instagram had announced that Swift is currently on top currently now reaching 45.6 million. Shockingly, Beyoncé also dropped down to third place with 45 million followers. Though they all have more followers than many countries have people, it's definitely a battle to the finish.
Personally, I think it's no surprise that Swift has surpassed Kim. Swift is on top of the world right now peaking with her album 1989. She's been getting a lot of extra press as of lately too because of the VMAs and her new gorgeous music video for "Wildest Dreams". On Kim's side, she hasn't done anything too outrageously controversial as of lately. And too be honest, I think many people in her fan base are already immune to her sexual selfies. We've seen Kim naked, what more could she possibly show? However, I'm happy the top two are in friendly competition (even though we know Kim is devastated).

So how did Taylor Swift beat Kim Kardashian?

Well, it's all thanks to her adorable cats Olivia Benson and Meredith. Every time she posts a video or picture with them, the Internet literally explodes because everyone is so obsessed with them. Also Swift got a ton of press this week following a post that showed a picture of her in a sweater that her fan hand-crafted for her. Now that's what a TRUE Swiftie is! Kim has shown a rather bland few pictures as of late. She went to a wedding where she wore a cape. She's very pregnant. And she's been meeting with some friends. I'm sure Kim Kardashian will be all over the news and regain her title once her baby is born. I'm waiting for the day where she releases her own birth video.

And somewhere in Calabasas, California, Kim Kardashian is plotting her revenge...

Ughhhhhhhhhhhh, Taylor Swift. I'm so burnt out on her, but that's another card for another day.
Yesss!!! I rather see Taylor than Kim on instagram!
I also think it’s because Taylor is more personal in her posts. More people can relate and resonate with her “down-to-earth” fun.