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Ji Suk Jin finally removes Kim Jong Kook‘s name tag! The January 27 episode of SBS’s variety show “Running Man” featured a “reincarnation” theme. On that day, “Running Man” started by filming the members scattered around different subway stations in Seoul while dressed in 1930s attire. For the episodes, each of the members transformed into seven special envoys and looked for a golden apple at City Hall set in 1938. Later, they were reborn as someone else in 2013. Near the end, only Kim Jong Kook, Ji Suk Jin and Haha remained in the game. Kim Jong Kook found the key while Haha found out where the golden prize was hidden. Ji Suk Jin attacked Kim Jong Kook and surprisingly ripped off his name tag. Kim Jong Kook was in a state of embarrassment from the unexpected event and Ji Suk Jin happily shouted, “I removed Kim Jong Kook’s name tag!”
Yes, definitely. (^_^) He's come so far since Episode 1.
I know, i am so proud of him lol'
Wahahahahahahahaha! Finally!!! Go Big-Nose Hyung, go!