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I have known this as a "chancleta" and it has been used as a weapon and as footware. But more often, this was used as a weapon. Or if we want to be more correct, a disciplinary tool.
What's the first thing that you think of when you see this picture??????
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@danidee I'm surprised I can still walk! for my mom it was the equivalent of a double barrel shotgun...she was like a trickshot artist
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Awww @buddyesd I think I can say the same thing about the chancleta and my mother. She also used other things. The chancla was her favorite though! mann latina moms are rough.
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@alywoah and the worst part is she would have to buy new ones and I would be praying she wouldn't get the stiff ones lol
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Yes!!! Lol
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Lol. So funny @alywoah. I like this card. My mom was so quick with it. She would use it and in a millisecond it was back on her feet. Lol.
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