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I've noticed an assortment of people posting about how they're new, sooooo, heyy. I'M OBSESSED WITH NEW FASHION AND DISCUSSIONS. AND YES I LOVE KPOP. My UB is Lee Hyukjae of SJ. But I also like an assortment of groups, which are located in my korean folder. I'm excited to make friends!! ONE LAST QUESTION is it just me or is vingle like a hybrid of Tumblr and Instagram??
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welcommmmmeeee! I think Vingle is like Insta, Tumblr, and maybe Reddit??? Whatevs I like it hahahahhaa
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welcome!!! :3
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ehhhh...I'm not really into tumblr or insta but I see where you're coming from...WELCOMMME!
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Hi!! Nice to meet you!!
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I see I can't just reply to comments so, thank you everyone for the welcomes. :D
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