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I hope you will join me today ( 9/9/2015), at 17:30 GMT, in commemorating this moment in history when Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest reigning British Monarch, and the longest reigning woman in history. In spite of all kind of bad things one may think about Her Majesty or about the British monarchy, I believe that it is still a remarkable achievement. Perhaps it is true that there will not be an age called after Elizabeth II, but maybe that is actually what makes this day remarkable, maybe simply because In HM's lifetime, reaching the age of 89, became from something extraordinary, to something many people can expect. Source: Queen Elizabeth becomes UK's longest-reigning monarch http://flip.it/egJOn
@orenshani7 I was on an exchange program in London. and my friend and I (we were 12) got lost into a long line. We got pushed to the front, then we wound up in front of a car. And there she was... I had no idea who she was at the time lol
@orenshani7 Met her in person by mistake lol very nice lady
WOW! Congrats to the Queen! I’m actually a huge fan of the Queen...even did a paper on her in school. What an amazing lady :)
@goyo, you did? how?
Wow! This is so cool, I had no idea.
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