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Selena Gomez shocked her fans Tuesday, Sept. 8 when she posted a picture of herself nude. The picture was posted at 1:01 p.m. (PST) where she captioned the photo, "REVIVAL". The photo has been retweeted almost 39,000 times and favorited approximately 60,000 times on Twitter. The picture is the first to show the cover of her upcoming album.
Gomez posted a picture previous to releasing her nude photo that wrote "This is my..." followed by "REVIVAL". The picture is black and white with a very simple yet high sex appeal. It's as if her eyes are piercing your soul. After Gomez's hit single, "Good For You", it's only a matter of time before she soars back up the charts.
The album, "Revival", is to be released on October 9 and her first album post-Disney Channel. She's all grown up now.
“Disappointing seeing interviews I’ve done recently that sound like the exact same interview I did when I was 16...,” Gomez tweeted. “I just want to release the album already.. I’m ready for people to know who I am NOW.”
Gomez has faced a lot of criticism over her body and break up with pop heart-throb Justin Bieber. Obviously she is doing just fine though single and showing her true colors. And the fact that she's an honorary member of Taylor Swift's SQUAD (aka her BFF) is an accomplishment in itself. Almost all of her fans on every social media platform are praising her picture saying it's not too tasteless and she looks absolutely gorgeous. Like many other pop stars, she's defying society by standing up for herself and being happy with her own self image. GO SELENA!

So what do you think of Selena Gomez's album cover?

She looks beautiful! I would say, it's very tasteful.
She's a grown woman... If this is the path she chooses, then more power to her.
I've always been a fan of Selena herself (her music is hit or miss for me) but I'm interested to see her reasoning behind this more than her going nude? If she has a good reason for it other than just "it would draw attention," then I think it could be something cool
Interesting. I’m not a huge fan of Selena’s music, but I’m glad she’s doing her own thing. I never saw her has the type that goes nude for a photoshoot. but maybe that’s the “real” part of her we haven’t seen until now
What is she pulling a Miley Cyrus act now to get attention. Yes she is beautiful and yes she is an adult but she just cheapened herself. So sad :(
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