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I was tagged by @KpopGaby and @Exoexo to do this challenge! Since I have a little bit of free time, and this challenge seemed pretty easy and quick, I decided to do it. :)
So, I googled "Stephanie meme" into Google and the VERY FIRST picture that popped up was:

Thanks whoever made this. Thanks a lot. This is a great self esteem booster. xD

Actually, this was quite entertaining. A lot of the memes were rude and harsh, but entertaining. haha.
And whoever wants to do this can. I tag all of you! :)
That's horrible, but also kinda funny! 😂
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@Exoexo Honestly, I couldn't stop laughing. It was so ridiculously cruel. xD
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@StephanieDuong It's my fav of all the meme posts! 😁
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i ended up with chucky
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