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Hello Friends!
Today's community anime recommendation is Btooom!
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Manga written by: Junya Inoue
Anime directed by: Kotono Watanabe
Number of episodes: 12
Summary (from Wikipedia):
Ryōta Sakamoto is an unemployed 22-year-old young man who lives with his mother Yukie. He is one of the world's top players of the combat video game called Btooom!. One day, he awakes in what appears to be a tropical island, though he does not remember how or why he has been transported there. While wandering around, Ryōta sees someone and calls out for help. The stranger responds by throwing a bomb at him. Ryōta soon realizes that his life is in danger and that he has somehow been trapped in a real-life version of his favorite game. In the game Ryōta meets Himiko, who is another Btooom! player — and Ryōta's in-game wife.
For those of you who've watched it or are watching it, do you like Btooom? Be sure to mention why or why not! ^_^
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I am watching this..it's worth watching
@CarenBoykins Have you watched SAO as well? I'm wondering the same thing as @AkiraCondry about them being similar.
I have not seen more than a couple of episodes of SAO. I am currently watching Michie and Hatchin.
I've watched this and I cant even begin to explain how interesting and amazing this anime is. Its one of my top faves because of the plot and music, this anime got me into Nano. Which is the artist that sings the OP and I couldn't be more grateful :) check it out!
ITS SO GOOD I WANT A SECOND SEASON. I just watched it after seeing this post a couple days ago and it's now one of my favorites. and the theme song is so catchy too